Who We Fund

who-we-fund8The Sarah M. Hughes Foundation is proud to share the joy Sarah brought us through targeted giving to cancer research, medical and educational scholarships, and financial aid to children in need. It is our goal to keep Sarah’s fire aglow and spread her light throughout our community. In Sarah’s memory, we have provided funding and support to the following organizations and projects:


Bertschi School Scholarship

Bertschi School educates children to become compassionate, confident, and creative learners in a global community. The Sarah M. Hughes endowment fund provides financial aid to children of faculty and staff at Bertschi school.

“As a teacher, children are my life’s passion. Being able to witness my own children learn and grow in the Bertschi community is a blessing that will last the rest of our lives.”

— Jill Corsi, Bertschi Teacher and Parent


Camp Orkila Campfire Pit

Camp Orkila is a YMCA camp serving greater Seattle. The camp is a non-profit organization that provides environmental education, conference and family programs, and a summer camp experience. The Sarah M. Hughes Campfire Pit is tucked behind Smith Cabin just below our Lower Life and Death course. The design is based off of the McDade Campfire located near the Orchard, but the Hughes Campfire is a little smaller allowing it have its own unique and cozy feel that’s perfect for smaller groups.




Run of Hope

The Run of Hope is an annual run/walk that raises money for pediatric brain tumor research.  It has given over a million dollars to fund research at Seattle children’s hospital and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.


Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund is an organization dedicated to funding research for curing kids with brain tumors. 100% of donations go directly to groundbreaking research being done at Seattle Children’s Hospital, one of the preeminent research labs of its kind in the world.


Project Violet

We are proud to support Dr. Jim Olson’s Research through Project Violet, which is building a “citizen science” community to rapidly accelerate research for a new class of drugs derived from nature. Inspired by children suffering from brain cancer, Project Violet is powered by people. People like you who, by adopting a drug candidate, will help change the way we discover new drugs, advance science, find cures and save lives. Take a moment to watch Dr. Olson’s TEDxSeattle talk to understand the story behind his work.